Statewide events can be found at the Michigan Woodcarvers site. These events are also available in the newsletter link on our home page.

Local Events

Local events can be found in the newsletter link on our home page.

Dick Hanson (left) won the eagle’s head carving award.

Our club is very active in its participation in the Eagle Cane Project. We carve eagle cane heads for personalized canes which are presented to our veterans.

Friendship Cane Winner

2014 winner of the Friendship Cane:

Santa Sam Hopeck

A veteran’s cane was presented to Don Watt by  Denny Sekrenes. The cane was carved by Jim LaPann.

Richard Hanson has received his second “50 Cane Head Carver” patch. Richard has carved over 100 Eagle Cane Heads for the “Lean On Me’ Patriot cane program.