Welcome to our home.

We’re lucky to have such a great facility. There’s often a fire burning in the fireplace and messages posted.

In the back, we've got a good set of sharpening tools and there's always someone around to help get that perfect edge on your knives and gouges.

Our club is located in Heritage Park.You can't see it here, but the Cass River runs along the side of the Eagle's Nest. Outside we've carved a few sculptures and a wood spirit or two.

Someone always gets fresh coffee going and frequently we've got donuts!

Here's our library. Lots of reference books and videos to borrow.

That whole wall is lined with shelves filled with carvings done by members. You can borrow any of them to use as “go-bys.”

Here's a membership form if you'd like to join us.

Monthly membership minutes are available here.


Fred Kendrick:

Jkendrick42 at aol.com


Diane Reed:

diane531 at comcast.net

Contact us:


This site will be going away soon. You can now reach us at our Facebook page.

There’s not much there yet but we hope you’ll post in our Community and help us grow.

Post your carvings and your musings about carving, your questions and your expertise.

We want our Facebook page to be as friendly and informative as our sessions at the Eagle’s Nest.


(Monthly board meeting minutes are now posted on the Community page of our Facebook page.)